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    We have wide knowledge and experience in the field of the earth construction, acquired with construction projects at home and abroad. ECO-DESIGN offers, among other building techniques, the possibility to build with earth: modern approved earth building techniques allow us to build as sound and sustainable as possible. Earth building design offers many possibilities: traditional or modern, straight, round or sculptural design as well as beautiful warm colours. Earth can be applied both for building construction and rendering. It is available as building products such as earth bricks, plates and mortars. It is also possible to use earth excavated on the site as construction material, generally in combination with straw and wood. For the execution of earth building projects ECO-DESIGN can rely on a network of companies which are professionally engaged in earth construction.

    Healthy building, living and working is strongly in development in the Netherlands. The natural material earth is nowadays more and more used as building material. Not only due to its biological properties, but also because of sustainability earth is considered as one of the most ideal construction materials. Earth ensures comfortable and healthy indoor climate. Since 1991 ECO-DESIGN is giving theoretical and practical courses and workshops on earth construction for private persons as well as professionals.
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